Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 11, 2011

I'm doing good. I am just taking it one step at a time. I am taking it in. I'm alright though. I'm going to study more on the Plan of Salvation. =)

Last week was great. I had an awesome birthday. I got 2 birthday dinners and card from my YSA Ward. It was so cool. Its bigger than the Computer!! I was really excited to read what everyone wrote.

On Tuesday, My daddy, The Zone Leaders and a ton of other missionaries  went to the All You Can Eat Sushi. It was awesome. I was soooooo full, but it was sooo worth it. There was this roll that was fried and has Rooster Sauce on it and it was called the Godzilla. It was my favorite. In the sushi place there was a good 23 missionaries in there at one time. They weren't to happy about us ordering so many rolls. 7 of the missionaries were all Polynesian so they were pounding down the rolls. It was a good P-Day. Today I'm hanging out with Elder Richards (Daddy), Elder Urbon (ZL) and Elder Fullmer. We are going to go to the driving range and go in the sauna. Another good day.

Ok so an update on Andy. Andy is going to get a sustained for his calling next week!!! He is going to be the Teachers Quorum Adviser. He is super stoked about that because he used to be a football couch for that age group. He is going to be great in that calling. It will give him more opportunities to be with people in the ward and to help his testimony grow. Also he has this Black Dodge Ram 2500 Lifted 6 inches. I have to jump to get in. Before he sells it, he wants to take us mudding. Its going to be Sweeeet!

An update on Dave and Lynne. Dave got his job at BSU. He is working the parking lot.  The Bishop is currently working on getting them both callings in the ward.

My new bike is amazing.  My bike got stolen from behind the church. And I needed to by a new bike.  While we were on Collister Rd planing what we were doing next. I saw a kid riding MY bike on the other side of the rode. So we followed him for a good 5 minutes. We lost him once but I found him. And then followed him a little while longer and then we lost him at a baptist church at the end of our area. Now I know what he looks like I will keep my eyes open. Ill find him soon. And get my bike back.

Oh ya. one of our Investigators Jessica is ready to hear more about the Gospel. She has already accepted the invitation to be baptized but she just has to work a couple of thinks out. She met with bishop on Sunday and she came to church. So we are excited for her.

Well nothing else is really going on. The weird weather is back. It was in the 80's at the beginning of last week. It rained for a good 3 days and then it was sunny a day and then it rained for 2 more days and today started out raining but now its sunny and partly cloudy. Fall is here.

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