Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alrighty then. So Dave's baptism was Awesome! I could feel the spirit so strong in there. That morning before Dave's baptism there were 2 other baptisms before his. So we had to get there at 7:30 to fill the font and set everything up. The first baptism was at 9. I ended up giving the closing prayer. Definitely was not expecting that. And the second baptism was for a little girl that just turned 8 and it was a really neat experience to be there. The closing hymn was A Child's Prayer. And it was the arrangement that Kalena and I sang in Church. And that one was at 10. And Dave's was after hers at 11. After each baptism we had to top the font off with warm water so it wouldn't get cold for the next baptism. It ended up not too bad by the time we had to use the water. =) 
On Sunday I got a Huge Migraine!! We ended up missing the first 2 wards we went to. And the 3rd one is the ward that Dave is in and Elder Sproul had to give a talk so we couldn't miss out on that. So we get a ride over to church and I am not feeling good at all. And I sit down next to Dave and he says "Are you alright Mate?"  I tell him I have had a really bad headache for a while and he asks me if I'm well enough to do his confirmation and I said " I wouldn't miss it for the world" So church starts and we sing, do the prayer and then the announcements. My heart is racing!  We walk up there. And the second councilor puts the mic in my face and I confirmed Dave a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and gave him the Holy Ghost. I was told I did a good job. I don't really remember. I let the Spirit take over. I could probably figure it out if I really concentrated but it would take away from the Awesome Spiritual factor.
Everything has been going really great. I have been doing a lot better in the Lesson and Talking to people. I just need to get farther out of my box and I need to start making more decisions for myself. I am so glad I am on my mission. Its going by so fast. I cant even believe it. I love the people up here so much I want to help them as much as I can.  
Tell everyone over there that I say hi and I want you all to be safe. I don't want anything happening to my family while I'm gone. I love you all. Have a great week.
Love Always,
Elder Lee

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm so excited to tell you that Dave is getting baptized this Saturday!!! We are super excited. Sunday before church sister Degraff and Dave were making his baptismal program. While I was greeting the members  to church Sis. Degraff said "Elder Lee, come here." So I walk on over while there was a break in the people. I sit down next to Sister Degraff and Dave is on a bench behind me. And Sis. Degraff says "Dave wants to know if you would like to give him a bath." ... I paused for a moment not knowing what to say, they smiled and she said " I had to use Dave's words."  Then it clicked!  I said " I would be Honored."  Dave asked me to baptise him. What a Blessing it is to know that I have touched his life in a way that he wants me to baptize him. It's a real privileged to baptize someone I think. I think it's cool that the first person I get to baptize in Idaho is from Newcastle, England. I'm very happy for him. And his wife Lynn. She is going to be baptized on the 6th of August!  There are so many awesome things going on in this area! 
Remember the guy I told you about that had all the Disneyland facts. We had another lesson with them and it went great. She asked us tons of questions! And we answered them all and she was very impressed with us. We told her about some of the things we believe and she would get a confused face and we would explain it and then she would get it. She knows a lot about a lot of churches. And John helped answer some of the questions from what he could remember. And he kept looking at us for the ok that he had it right. And most of the time he was. And Sunday was fast Sunday and he told us at the lesson. I'm going to bare my testimony on Sunday and we were like  you go John. And he was the last one to go up and he told everyone that the last visit we had really helped him open his eyes. Because he was baptized in the church fell away and came back and fell away and came back again and he said that this time, at this moment that I know the church is true. I was blown away. I was saying in my mind " You go John!"  We are hopefully going to be able to see him and Sara soon.
 =) love you lots, 
Elder Lee

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My 6th month mark is today.  I HAVE BEEN OUT A QUARTER OF MY MISSION ALREADY!!!  This is crazy. This transfer has gone by so fast. We are already on week 6 and we are going to get transfer calls on Friday! I really hope I get to stay in this area. It's a great area and so much is going to happen and I know I have to be here. Elder Sproul is awesome. We are getting along great.  We are getting so much work done it's Intense!! 
Becca's baptism went great. I said the opening prayer and I ended up having to lead the music too. There were 5 missionaries for her. She was so awesome. A week and a half before her baptism. She gave up coffee Cold Turkey, and we told her to continue to read the Book of Mormon and It will help her with it. And she has been good ever since. She calls us her little Angels. She also calls us her little brothers. 
Dave has a baptismal date for the 16th of July. And he is doing great. Lynn needs a little more time. She has never grown up in a religious home.  She has also gone thought a lot of trials in her life. 
The 4th of July was awesome!! We went to 2 ward breakfasts. And then we went home at about 11:30 till about 5 sitting at a desk doing paper work. That took so long. We did that because 1. it's the 4th of July and not a lot of people want to hear what we have to say, 2. president said we can only see the people we have set appointments with. And 3 we are not aloud to make first contacts. so ya.  Paper Work Day. Yayyy. After  dinner we came home early so we could be able to see some fireworks. We sat on the hill where we live and watched all the city's in the valley shoot off their fireworks. Guys it was the coolest thing ever. I saw a firework show in Boise, Meridian, Garden City, Nampa, Caldwell, Eagle, and Star. It was Amazing the whole horizon was fireworks. and of course the people with the illegal fireworks. =) It was awesome. While we were watching, Sister Blaser ( the sister that we live with) brought us out Ice cream. I was almost about to cry but I didn't. It reminded me of the block party that we did every year back at home. 
I miss you guys a lot and I hope you all had a great 4th of July. Hope to hear from you soon. 
Elder Lee