Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012

Hey momma,
I am having a blast here in the Boise Central Stake. Elder Anderson and I are getting along great and we have been working hard. We have some new investigators that are Golden. We are teaching a little girl who is 7 that wants to be baptized when she turns 8.  She was not raised up in the church.  Her name is Roxanne.  She is super darling and super smart!! Oh my goodness.  Her dad isn't a member.  So he said he was going to listen as well. And he said he wants to be baptized with his daughter. And he is super nice. Like the first time we meet him he offered to have us over for dinner if anyone dropped us. And we called one time to take up that offer and he said that they were all out and nobody was going to be home. And we said don't worry about it then he said alright but if I can get something arranged I'll give you a call.  And we said ok. 5 minutes later he calls and he said "Ok we are going to get you guys pizza. So where are you going to be in an hour?" He is an awesome guy. 

One of our investigators is making me a Quilt!! I'm so excited. She finished it and I just have to get the money to pay her.  She said it was huge! I'm super excited. Ill take pictures and let you see it. =)

I love you a lot too. =) 

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