Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What? Jake's been called "The Quiet Man?"

HI Momma,

It was great taking to you too. I loved seeing you guys. You should get a better camera before Christmas. =)

This week has been going very well. We picked up some new investigators and we have been making some good contact with some LA members that we are trying to get back to church.  We just started teaching this one guy his name is Thomas. He is pretty cool. He reminds me a LOT of Jared. He is really into far out things and he is going to school for an engineering degree. He seems really interested and we gave him the first lesson and a Book of Mormon. We taught him at the Peterson's so after we left they all watched the Restoration with him. It was a really good lesson.

Ok, so Janene is soon to have a baptism date again. She told us the 21st we set it all up and it fell through unfortunately. We just need her to keep holding on staying strong, going to church. Get everything settled with her job and have the baptismal interview, and ETTE. She is trying so hard. I HATE THIS ECONOMY!! AHH it is hurting everyone and its making it hard for people to progress in life. We just have to keep our heads high.

I think I have told you about Bro. Stanfeild.  He is from California. He lived in Bakersfield and Grass Valley.  He is a less active that we just love. He is so awesome. He talks forever but that's a good thing. That means he likes us. We met with him this week and it was my turn for the lesson. And I decided that we should have the lesson about Giving and the Feelings of the Holy Ghost. So we watched the video "The lesson I learned as a boy" by  President Gordon B. Hinckley. I told him about the feeling I felt when the ward came to bring us food when Grandma passed away and the feeling I felt of their kindness and their hospitality towards us.  Then he told us about a time that he helped some people out and how he felt the good feeling inside and it was really powerful. You could definitely feel the spirit in that room. After we had the spiritual moment and our prayer, he said to me “It’s always nice to hear from The Quiet Man."  That's his nickname for me. =)  He is great. I had a smile on the rest of the day.

Well, I got to get going. I miss you all. Love you guys so much.

Elder Lee

Everyone that is over the age of 18, make a profile.  Please and thank you. =)

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