Saturday, May 28, 2011

Oh man, it has been a long week. We have been teaching a lot. We had another lesson with Thomas. He is really starting to get more comfortable with us.  He is beginning to understand and is asking a lot of good questions. I am really starting to notice that I'm starting to change on my mission. I am looking forward for people to ask me questions so I can answer them. And I think I did pretty well. We taught him the second lesson. It was a great lesson.

We actually had a fun week too. Today we got to play golf with Brother Rause! You have no idea what that means but to us it’s awesome. We have been trying to play a round of golf with him for the whole transfer. We got to play 18 holes and go to the mall with him before. Right know I'm at the Parkinsons. You know where Ashley lives. We celebrated Skyler's first Birthday.  We got him a card.  I got lots of pictures so you will be able to see it. This is such an awesome family. Ashley has been house sitting her parent’s house and she has been saying stuff like "I can't feel the spirit there" and " I feel so much cleaner here." It is so awesome to here that she can feel the difference of where the spirit is and where it isn't. 

Elder Lee

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