Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm in Boise now!  My new companion is Elder Sproul. He is pretty cool... he was in BAND!! He played sax and he is from Hyrum, Utah. =)  I'm in the foothills above my old area so I get to go to the future baptisms of the people I was teaching before!! And guess what!!  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were like the best days for missionary work. We taught 2 & 3rd lessons and got 2 new investigators!!! And I extended the baptismal invitation to Thomas. The guy I was talking about last week and he ACCEPTED!!! June 11th!! And Janene's Baptism is June 4th!! So hopefully (if we are not having a baptism here in Boise) I get to go back to both!!! And that will make 3 baptisms in Centennial Ward. I'm so excited for everyone over there!!!! AHHHH!!! XD!!! 

I am definitely sad that I am gone out of my first area. I keep calling it back home since I have been here in Boise.  Saturday and Sunday were really hard for me because I had to say good bye to everyone. We went by Bro. Stanfeild’s and we talked for a little bit and he said some things and I almost started to tear up. He is a wonderful, warm and kind hearted man from Sacramento. I have to introduce you guys to him when you come pick me up. I'm really going to miss that area. But I know that I am needed here in Boise.

I g2g. I love you all,  
Elder Lee

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