Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dave's priesthood ordination was great! We could feel the spirit. I gave Dave a blessing then gave him the priesthood. It was great I can't even explain it. I think Bishop Orien said that the spirit that we feel now is the same as the spirit that Joseph and Oliver felt when John conferred the Aaronic Priesthood upon Joesph Smiths head.
TJ and Lynne got baptized on Saturday and was confirmed on Sunday. It was a wonderful baptismal service. TJ got baptized first and sat like a Buddha off to the side as Lynne got baptized. Dave got to baptize Lynne and she had to be baptized forward because of her bad knees so Dave baptized her and she didn't go all the way down and Elder Sproul was in the font so he put his hand on her head and pushed her down and Dave had both of his hands on her back pushing down so she would go down and she got all the way under and she got up and she coughed and she said " you nearly killed me."  She then thought of something to say to show that everything was alright. And then we told her that Elder sproul was the one with his hand on her head she laughed. We had a great time and Lynne bore her testimony after the baptism about how she came to America and why she waited a little longer to be baptized instead of being baptized with Dave.  They are wonderful people. 
I love you all. I pray for you guys everynight. Stay safe.
Elder Lee

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