Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15, 2011
 That's  horrible about the toilet tank overflowing upstairs! That's crazy. The Halls (the members that we are staying with) left for a week. So we are in charge of the house.  I hope nothing happens like that while they are gone! Don't worry everything is going to be fine. =) fingers crossed.

Yes! I got the Package. Thank you very much. Everything was wonderful. I was so excited when I saw the seaweed you have no idea!. lol 

The talk in Sacrament went ok. My companion and I only had 5 minutes each so it was short.  So it was good. =) you know me. I was really nervous. But they said I did good.   We are in a car share area so we get the car for a week and another companionship gets the car for a week and we just trade back and forth. When we don't have the car, our Zone leaders drive us to the store, library and so on.
I have another like.....4 weeks with Elder Richards. Transfers are 6 weeks apart.  I will let you know when I have a new companion. 

I think I failed to mention. I cover 5 wards in my area. All the wards cover less than a 3 square mile area. some wards have 10 deacons and 2 of the deacons have 2 trays to pass the Sacrament.  Huge wards!

I love you all so much. Your always in my prayers, now probably a little more.

Elder Lee

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