Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 8, 2011

I have been really trying to buckle down and study my scriptures and work with our investigators.  I'm almost done with the Book of Mormon!  I finished Helaman so I'm super excited about that!  I have been studying from the scriptures so much.  I have been learning so much so fast.  My trainer and I are becoming really close and our half way mark is almost here.  One more week.  It's crazy.  The one thing I really don't like doing out here is tracting.  There are so many people that are really nice and say "Oh, we are not interested" or they are really rude.  It's really sad.  But anyways back to the positives.  While we were tracting we found a guy that might be interested!!  He invited us in and we found out that he moved here from India 8 months ago.  In India he went to a Catholic school and studied Catholicism but he is Hindu.  He has never heard of Mormons.  We invited him to go to our church and he said he would!!  We are going to visit him this weekend and see if he actually did go and we might give him the first lesson!!  I am so excited!!  I also got to bare my testimony Sunday morning it was an amazing feeling that I got.  Oh and it's missionary month in one of the wards so I get to give a talk on missionary work.  YAY!!......lol.  So with our dinner appointments, we have been telling the members to go onto Mormon.org and make a profile.  It is so non-members or members can find people of the LDS faith that are like them.  Go on and check it out for yourself =)

I love you so much.  All of YOU.

Love always,
Elder Lee

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