Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011

Hi Mom,
Yup, transfers were yesterday and I am still in Meridian. I'm so happy.  I don't have a companion yet. I'm with my Zone Leader right now. But I should get to meet him this afternoon. Elder Threet (my zone leader) is awesome. We have been talking about all the people he had contact with in this area. This area was where he was trained. Telling me things I should remember and who I should take care of and who I should work on that was dropped from when he was here last. We went to a couple of places and he has a relationship with them that is amazing. He said. "The people I teach, I grow to love them and I come to talk to them like brothers and sisters." That's what I want to do. I want to love everyone I teach and have them come closer to their Heavenly Father. That would be Amazing! =) I would be so happy when I come to that point in my mission that I care about investigations and less actives and members so much that they are like family. =)

Tell Vera Happy Birthday for me. 
I have been to the temple a couple of times. It's really pretty. I go to the Boise Temple.
Ashley is doing great. She wants to pick her own date to be baptized. This is going to be so cool for her. =) I'm so excited. We have another investigator. Her name is Janeen. We just met her and she wants to be baptized too!! She knows the church is true she knows the Book of Mormon is true from what we know by meeting with her and talking with her that one time. She was going to church when she was 14 and she took all the discussions and had a baptism date but she moved. And never got baptized. Now she is 40. Her friend is taking the discussions and she told Janeen that she should meet with the missionaries. We asked her to be baptized on the 26th of March and she said she would. We might have to push it back. But I'm Super Excited for her too!! After so many years! She told us out of all the churches she has been to, this is the church that makes the most sense. So cool.

Well, its still snowing. Not enough to stick at the moment but enough to see it fall. You would love it here. My area isn't a car area anymore so I think I'm going to be on bike the whole time. So crazy. Time to get in shape!!
I miss you too Momma. I love you too.

Elder Lee

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