Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alrighty then. So Dave's baptism was Awesome! I could feel the spirit so strong in there. That morning before Dave's baptism there were 2 other baptisms before his. So we had to get there at 7:30 to fill the font and set everything up. The first baptism was at 9. I ended up giving the closing prayer. Definitely was not expecting that. And the second baptism was for a little girl that just turned 8 and it was a really neat experience to be there. The closing hymn was A Child's Prayer. And it was the arrangement that Kalena and I sang in Church. And that one was at 10. And Dave's was after hers at 11. After each baptism we had to top the font off with warm water so it wouldn't get cold for the next baptism. It ended up not too bad by the time we had to use the water. =) 
On Sunday I got a Huge Migraine!! We ended up missing the first 2 wards we went to. And the 3rd one is the ward that Dave is in and Elder Sproul had to give a talk so we couldn't miss out on that. So we get a ride over to church and I am not feeling good at all. And I sit down next to Dave and he says "Are you alright Mate?"  I tell him I have had a really bad headache for a while and he asks me if I'm well enough to do his confirmation and I said " I wouldn't miss it for the world" So church starts and we sing, do the prayer and then the announcements. My heart is racing!  We walk up there. And the second councilor puts the mic in my face and I confirmed Dave a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and gave him the Holy Ghost. I was told I did a good job. I don't really remember. I let the Spirit take over. I could probably figure it out if I really concentrated but it would take away from the Awesome Spiritual factor.
Everything has been going really great. I have been doing a lot better in the Lesson and Talking to people. I just need to get farther out of my box and I need to start making more decisions for myself. I am so glad I am on my mission. Its going by so fast. I cant even believe it. I love the people up here so much I want to help them as much as I can.  
Tell everyone over there that I say hi and I want you all to be safe. I don't want anything happening to my family while I'm gone. I love you all. Have a great week.
Love Always,
Elder Lee

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