Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12, 2011

Dear Family,

Thank you so much for all your letters.

Bro Skii. That is so exciting that you are getting such good grades. I'm so proud of you. You are doing so well, and so much better than I ever did in school.  Hey give Herr Boyle my email so I could email him.  Bitte =)  Love ya and I miss you a bunch.

Crystal. It sounds like everything is going so well for you. You got a new cell phone and getting to go to the Temple. Some Exciting times! =) There is so much to look forward too. I hope everything goes well for you at the Olympics! Swimming that’s going to be so much fun.=)  I had a dream last night that you painted my old room pink. Is everything working out for you?  I miss you. Love ya.

Daddy. Thank you so much for that letter. I greatly appreciated it. It’s good to hear that you have so much work and you have been receiving those blessings. Please be careful while you work. I don’t want anything to happen to anyone while I am gone. Every time I see an old car I think of that Chevelle.  It’s good that you want to start working on it again. I was wondering if you guys still have the Mazda? I hope you keep it. I miss stick shift. We have a car for the next week because of Elder McAdoos surgery. I keep going to shift. It’s a habit now.=) I miss you daddy. So much. Love ya.  I'll write Grandma and Grandpa when I get some time.

Momma. You gave me the Good SEAWEED!!! It was AMAZING!!!! It was soooo good. Thank you for your conversion story and your testimony. It was really touching.=). This is the last week of this transfer. Monday will be the start of the next transfer. Transfer #3!! I don't know if I will be leaving yet. I'm kind of scared. I really want to stay. I really feel that I have not done enough for this area this transfer. With Elder McAdoo being so sick. That alone took up about a week and a half. I don’t know. I have come to love this area. Ashley has a Baptismal date. May 7th!! And Janene has had most of the lessons done!! We are going to make a baptismal date for her!!  Exciting times in this area. We have a car! Because Elder Mcadoo's surgery. We have been getting so much more work done. It has been such a blessing. We have been working a lot with the Haradas. They are a wonderful family. We helped them set up for their gymnastics meet and helped out time the events. It was so much fun and very productive. One of the friends of the Haradas is a member that was there and she told us. After this whole thing, they really wanted to prioritize their life and make church a priority. And after we heard that I was jumping around, only in my head of course. And I really was thinking about this writing in my journal. I really care deeply about that family. I want the best for them. I want them to go to church. I want the kids to get the lessons and be baptized so the whole family can be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. That’s where I want my converts to go, is the temple. Baptism just happens. It’s a crucial step. But the temple seals the deal. We talked to Brother Harada the other day and he said that he is all in for going to church. And he told us that all you have to do is to get my wife and kids on board. So ya, hoping we could do that. Soon!  Kelsey is another investigator we are working with. She has had all the lessons and she is having a hard time with her Dad. He won’t let her get baptized. We have been working with her for a while, and she loves meeting with us. She told us that we have helped her out a lot. And when we told her that we have one more week of transfers and then told her what that meant. Being one of us might leave or we both stay. She flipped out. She told us that she was going to pray really hard for us to stay. And she said "you two have been sent here for a reason and that reason is to help me with my dad."  She is really nice. Hopefully her prayers will help touch our Presidents heart. Well, I love you so much.  I got to go. Love you, I miss you.

Elder Lee

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