Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 5, 2011

So the past week has been crazy.  So here is the story. Saturday night my companion threw up 24 times. Of course I was asleep the whole time. When I woke up he told me. We ended up not going to church. He felt horrible the whole day. So at the end of the day I gave him a blessing. I truly felt the spirit talk to me. I had no idea on what to say so I listened to the Spirit. When I didn't know what to say I heard a voice telling me what to say. I was literally a mouthpiece for the Lord. It was Amazing. Monday was the same thing. He was really bad but we thought it was just something else. That night at midnight he woke me up and said we are going to the hospital. He said it was the worst pain he has ever felt. So President Cannon took us and we were there for 3 hours. They told us that his appendix was inflamed. He had to have surgery in the morning at 8 and the surgery will take 30 minutes unless there were complications. The Surgery took and hour and a half.  Apparently, his appendix burst 36 hours before the surgery. So it was around Sunday that it burst. They said "anytime waiting longer than 12 hours is dangerous." because the bacteria can spread to your heart and brain. But all of the bacteria stayed in his stomach area. So they said he was lucky. We think he was blessed. Heavenly Father needs him around longer.

Ashley is doing great. We finished the last lesson with her. So all she needs to do is to have the baptismal questions and some other stuff needs to happen and she is good! =)  Two more weeks in this transfer so hopefully I will stay in this area. Fingers crossed.

Is there an Elder Bradley Out there? Because in one of our buildings it has that Elder Bradley is in the Sacramento Mission. So keep an eye out for him.

Conference way awesome!!! Jeffrey R Holland’s talk was great too. Seriously, a temple in Meridian!!! Hopefully it will be done before I go home. Our mission has 3 temples now! Crazy!  I saw Doug King singing IN CONFRENCE!!!!  It was so cool!!!

I love you guys so much. Stay in touch. You’re always in my prayers. =)

Elder Lee

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