Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hey All,
My time at the MTC is almost over. I'm leaving Tuesday morning at.... you guesses it at 4 in the morning. YEAH!!!!  Hand written letters are always great!. The MTC is a great place. I'm am learning so much. We started the 2nd lesson and now we are trying to perfect it. Elder Garbe Got a new companion. His name is Elder Montgomery. He is a great guy. He had some medical problems so now he is back and ready to serve. The field is going to be soooo intense.  People have been telling me so many good things about Boise it's not even funny. Like Boise has the number 3 top baptisms and the people there are awesome and your going to love it there. Part of me just wants to get out there and just go for it. I love you guys so much. Nothing really more to report on.  I send Jared a letter with some pictures. 
Elder Lee

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