Monday, January 17, 2011

The Story from Jeffery R. Holland
    This story takes place in Czechoslovakia before World War 2 and after WW1.  Two missionaries went up to this door and this lady answered the door and asked "What do you want?!" and they shared "We want to share with you a message." And she asked "are you minister's?"  The missionaries said "Yes."  So she slammed the door.  They knocked again.  She answered again "I don't want anything to do with ministers!"  The missionary said "What did we do to offend you?"  She slams the door again.  The missionaries knock again.  She opened the door and told them she would never talk to another minister again because the last minster she talked to told her something terrible.
    She asked the minister in grief where was her little girl that died when she was only three?  What the minister said was a surprise to her and the missionaries, to Jeffrey R. Holland and to me.  What was said in the teaching report was that the minister said, "I don't know probably in hell and right along side with you soon enough."  I was stund.  She slammed the door again.  This time the missionary stuck his foot in the door and in the best broken Czech he could muster up he said "Would you like to know where your daughter is?"
30-35 years later they re-opened the country to the missions.  Jeffery R. Holland and Gordon B. Hinkley's son's served in the same mission called to the Czech Republic.  They heard about a sister that spread the word about the church in this country throughout the war.  What the missionaries found was a group of sisters keeping the commandments of God.  Paying tithing and keeping it in a mason jar.  Just waiting for missionaries to come to teach them and bring the power of the priesthood to their group.
I have a testimony about the power of God and how that power can be passed through his servants and I know that I am a fisher of man and when my time comes I will touch that heart of that innocent soul and I will say "Come with me.  I will show you the way."  I know that through the Atonement we can return to our Heavenly Father and it will be a glorious day but I still have much more things to do on this earth before that time.  I would like to say these things humbly in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Jake "Elder Lee" really liked this story and wanted to share it with friends.  Thanks for passing it on.

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